About industry

Latvia's chemical and pharmaceutical industry is one of the cornerstones of the country's competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Latvia has historically had a strong research, development and manufacturing base in sophisticated chemical and pharmaceutical products.
The industry, comprising of firms that produce industrial chemicals as well as pharmaceuticals, is central to the economy of this.
Chemical production in Latvia currently is one of the largest manufacturing industries exibiting steady growth rates within the manufacturing sector. It accounts for approximately 8 % of the total value added of manufacturing.
The country produces and exports a diverse array of pharmaceuticals and chemical goods, from unique anti-influenza medicine to petrochemicals to household chemicals and paints. The core export markets are Latvia's Baltic neighbors Lithuania and Estonia, and Russia, Denmark, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands.
Latvia has been traditionally successful in establishing a solid scientific base that is necessary for the sector development going forward.
RTU Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, the Institute of Organic Synthesis and The Institute of Polymer Mechanics are just three examples of the research bodies that are creatively moving the industry in a positive direction.
Chemical industry's importance has recently been reaffirmed by the decision of the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers to include the chemical and pharmaceutical industry on the list of priority sectors that are essential for economic development of the country.