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What is Responsible Care?   

The chemical industry's voluntary initiative Responsible Care® was first conceived in Canada in 1984 to address public concerns about the manufacture, distribution and use of chemicals. Since 1992, when Agenda 21was adopted at the Rio Earth Summit, the number of chemical industry associations embracing Responsible Care® has grown from 6 to 46 countries.

Responsible Care is the chemical industry's own, unique initiative - a voluntary programme that helps it to raise its standards in the areas of environment, safety and health. Under Responsible Care, the worldwide chemical industry is committed to continual improvement in all aspects of health, safety and environmental performance and to open communication about its activities and achievements. The new ethics of Responsible Care are defined in 9 Guiding principles, which are signed by CEO's of the companies, committig to Responsible Care.

Responsible Care is more than a set of principles and declarations. Through the sharing of information, rigorous system of checklists, performance indicators and verification procedures, it enables the industry to demonstrate how it has improved over the years and to develop policies for further improvement.

The Association of Latvian Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries is responsible for the detailed implementation of the Responsible Care initiative in Latvia.